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Mandatory Covid-19 Vaccine Policies

In the midst of increasing vaccine policies and conflicting public advice, many businesses are more confused than ever with respect to what they can require of their employees with respect to their vaccination status. In public statements, Prime Minister Scott Morrison has said that it will be up to individual employers to determine what steps […]

Two employees who mainly worked in India not entitled to long service leave entitlements

In a recent judgment of the Court of Appeal of Victoria (the Court), the Court held that two employees were not entitled to long service leave (LSL) entitlements because they primarily performed their work outside of the State of Victoria (the State). In Infosys Technologies Limited v State of Victoria, the Court was required to […]

No Return on Investment for Fund Manager’s Workplace Bullying Claim

In an unusually long and detailed decision stretching over 100 pages, the Fair Work Commission (Commission) has dismissed an application by an investment fund Portfolio Manager seeking ‘stop bullying’ orders against his direct manager (Head of Strategy) and his employer (Funds Management Company) after six days of hearings. The Complaint The Portfolio Manager made a […]

SafeWork Australia Launches New Lung Safety Campaign

SafeWork Australia has announced a new campaign related to occupational lung diseases. The campaign, entitled ‘Clean Air. Clear Lungs’, focuses on less known and often unseen risks to the health of workers’ lungs in a variety of working environments. The knowledge of the workplace risk of developing lung diseases has increased in recent years. While […]

‘Right to Disconnect’ and Remote Working Arrangements: What Employers Should Know

COVID-19 has shattered workplace norms about how traditional work is carried out, by ushering in a new and unprecedented ‘work-from-home’ culture (WFH). Technology has also facilitated the extension of work, connecting employers and employees virtually at all hours of the day. Consequently, remote working arrangements and technology advances have blurred the lines between worker’s professional […]

Possible Delay to Superannuation Guarantee Rate Increase: Employers Should Still Prepare

Frozen at 9.5% for the last six years, discussion has fired up about the superannuation guarantee (SG) increase this July. The SG rate is scheduled to increase by 0.5% to 10% on 1 July 2021, with incremental increases to 12% by 2025. However, it remains unclear whether all the increases will be implemented. Federal Government […]

IR Bill Update

The substantially reduced IR omnibus Bill passed Parliament on Monday 22 March 2021. Following contentious public scrutiny and prolonged debate, the House of Representatives passed the pared-back version of the ambitious Fair Work Amendment (Supporting Australia’s Jobs and Economic Recovery) Bill 2020 (the Bill) which proposed a raft of changes to be introduced to the […]