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Fair Work Ombudsman “warns employers to ensure they are paying their staff correctly”

In recent Vision in the Workplace articles we reported that the Fair Work Ombudsman (the FWO) has pledged to crack down on businesses and employers that underpay their staff. Since making that commitment to hold businesses accountable, we have seen a substantial increase in the number of businesses that have been monitored, investigated and ultimately […]

Fair Work Commission rejects termination by text message

The Fair Work Commission (the FWC) has reminded employers that terminating employees by text is not appropriate and will often constitute unfair dismissal or attract compensation for the employee. Two recent cases which were heard before the FWC on consecutive days both considered the issue of termination by text message. Both Deputy President Sams and […]

Failing to hire a lawyer proves costly for Canadian Company

The Canadian-based company GuestTek (the Company) have been ordered to pay an employee’s legal costs incurred in his unfair dismissal proceedings because of the Company’s “unreasonable behaviour” in defending the application. Commissioner Riordan expressed “sympathy with the Applicant” because of the “frustration [he] experienced” in dealing with the Company’s “attitude and inactivity” throughout the process […]

Changes commencing 1 July 2019

The following are various changes that may affect your workplace and have come into effect today (1 July 2019). Union officials right of entry scheme Recent changes to the Fair Work Regulations 2009 (Cth) stipulate that from 1 July 2019 right of entry permits held by union officials must include a photo and signature of the permit […]

Missing in action? When has an employee abandoned their employment?

The lack of an immediate reason for an employee failing to turn up to work cannot be construed as ‘abandonment’ without being properly investigated. This message was recently enforced by the Fair Work Commission (FWC) who ordered Atlas Steel, a supplier of steel products, to pay $7,000 to an employee after mistakenly assuming they had […]