Work Health & Safety Audits – is it time for a spring clean?

Being employment specialists, we get a flutter of excitement when we see our clients have implemented robust yet practical policies and procedures in their workplace. We understand the delicate nature of implementing shiny new policies, and appreciate the time it takes you, our clients, in revising and implementing policies, particularly those relating to WHS.

A duty holder’s WHS obligations are ongoing and non-delegable. As such, implementing WHS policies and hoping for the best will not discharge the duty holder’s obligations. Even more, failing to update and mould WHS policies and procedures to suit the changing workplace and obligations puts the duty holder at an even higher risk of breaching its duties.

In adopting a proactive and preventative approach to WHS, we recommend conducting an audit of the work health and safety of the workplace. Ideally, your WHS audit should cover (at a minimum):

  1. Legislative compliance;
  2. Management systems and controls;
  3. Workplace hazards; and
  4. Emergency management.

Preparing for, and conducting your first WHS audit is a daunting and time consuming task and should be executed in a manner that is well-planned and thorough. As WHS experts, we are pleased to conduct WHS audits for our clients, from reviewing current policies and procedures for legislative compliance, to site visits to review management systems and controls and workplace hazards, and educating you on how to conduct your own ongoing audits.

Please do not hesitate to contact Nick Stevens, Megan Cant or Jane Murray if you would like to discuss how the Team at Stevens & Associates Lawyers can assist with your WHS audit.

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