Stevens & Associates Breakfast Seminar Wrap Up

Thank you to everyone who attended our Breakfast Seminar on Friday, 18th of November at the Four Seasons Hotel Sydney. We trust everyone enjoyed the breakfast and opportunity to mingle and network with other clients.

Peter Hindeleh’s presentation covered the important distinctions between employment contracts and independent contractor agreements, which is of great importance to employers in light of two recent landmark High Court decisions. Peter also covered the fundamental elements of a valid employment contract, the concept of sham contracting, as well as superannuation and compensation cover for contractors.

Josh Hoggett’s presentation offered an update on the recent changes to Work, Health, and Safety legislation to better address psychosocial hazards and risks in the workplace. In particular, Josh outlined the new definitions of psychosocial hazard and psychosocial risk and covered the positive duty on employers to identify and minimise reasonably foreseeable psychosocial hazards.

Finally, Daphne Klianis’ presentation discussed the Respect@Work Bill and the various amendments to commonwealth legislation it proposes in an effort to better address workplace sexual harassment and employers’ positive duties to prevent and/or eliminate the same. Daphne went more into depth about the impacts of sexual harassment, certain examples of positive duties and AHRC inquiry functions.

If you have any questions arising out of the Breakfast Seminar, please don’t hesitate to contact Nick StevensPeter HindelehDaphne Klianis or Josh Hoggett.

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